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Do you know that you can copy text from even a scanty idea phone now you don't even need this software just Microsoft wait you no longer need to download in a specialized PDF Converter hello and welcome to my channel my name is Ibaka Abdullah in today's video I am going to guide you through the steps to copy text from any scanned PDF using microsoft way this way you will be able to edit the text you copied from the documents even though it is currently deaf so make sure you watch this video to the end to learn all the secrets without any further ado let's get started first of all let's get our scanned PDF ready to follow along well with this guide I will recommend you to move or copy of PDF on your desktop I already did that as you can see and as you can see this document is not a double at all it is a scant PDF file I can't even select the text however whether your PDF file is selectable or not this guide will teach you how to use Microsoft Word to combat any PDF file then from there you can copy or do whatever you want to the content let me close it for now and let's begin the process the first step is to launch Microsoft way after opening wait open the PDF file inside the word document but how do you open PDF in wait you may be wondering if you want to open a PDF document inside Microsoft wait just press ctrl + O on your keyboard to switch to the open dashboard the other way to get to the open dashboard is to come over here to this file tab then click only to switch to the back end now click open click here on the browse to learn the file explorer look at the PDF from which you want to copy the text as I mentioned before my PDF is on the desktop so I will quickly go to desktop and select the phone then I will come and click open once I open the file you will see this message box that says that we will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document click on this OK button to accept as soon as you hit on the ok button weight will begin to convert your file as you can see down here no conversion process may take a while depending on the number of pages your document has the fewer the page is the first item converts as you can see here the scanned PDF is converted into a very clean editable Word document you can now select the text and edit text the way you want now the trick I always use when I need to extract text from any scanned PDF document if this method doesn't work for you you may be using an older ...