What Are Some of the Best Ipad 2 Apps for College Students?

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What are some of the best iPad 2 apps for college students?

The best option of iPad for a student. There’s the original iPad, iPad Pro, the iPad Air… and each model comes in varying specs, sizes, and price points. With so many choices, which iPad is the best for students? The best pick for you will primarily depend on how you want to use it at school. Will it be a replacement for your laptop or more of a portable secondary device? Will you be using it for studying at a desk, or on the go as a lecture companion? First of all, here’s what all current iPad models have in common. Apple Pencil support Smart Keyboard support Retina display 10-hour battery life At its core, any iPad model can be a good companion for school, as you can use any one of them for handwriting notes as well as typing. But to find the one most suited for you, let’s compare the most current iPad models available. The iPad (7th generation from 2019) Screen Size. 10.2” Storage. 32GB, 128GB Price. Starting at 329 USD This is Apple’s original iPad, a great entry-level machine that covers all your basics. It’s a popular choice among GoodNotes’ student users too. If your goal is to go paperless and replace all your scattered notebooks with one iPad, this model is more than up to the job. You can rely on it for handwriting study notes, annotating readings or lecture slides, browsing the web, or just lying on the couch watching YouTube. For all your basic study needs, this iPad will support you well. For more intensive tasks, however, such as working in large Excel, preparing presentations with large photos, you might find this model of the iPad a little lacking. Something to note is that this iPad doesn’t come with a 64GB model, meaning that if 32GB is just slightly shy of what you need, you may have to overshoot to 128GB at $100 USD more. If you want to be able to save massive textbooks on your iPad, this is something to consider. You should choose the original iPad for college if. Your main purpose is to use it to support basic studying activities like handwriting and typing up study notes, revision, and browsing the web. You’ll be using a laptop or desktop as your main work machine, but want a secondary device to support your studies. iPad Air (3rd generation from 2019) Screen Size. 10.5” Storage. 64GB, 256GB Price. Starting at $499 USD for 64GB With a slightly larger screen and slightly thinner body, the iPad Air is another great iPad model. If you want to be able to work through spreadsheets, presentations, and other large files with your iPad, the iPad Air could be a better fit than the original. Its A12 bionic chip (also found in the iPhone XS, XS Max, etc.) even performs surprisingly well when editing 4K video. Perhaps you have a laptop or desktop that you use at home but want a portable device to bring with you when going to lecture or studying on the go — if so, the iPad Air is a great choice that can pretty much cover all your bases. You should choose the iPad Air for college if. You don’t want to spend a fortune on the iPad Pro, but still want a powerful device you can take to school with you instead of your laptop iPad Pro (4th generation from 2020) Screen Size. 11”, 12.9” Storage. 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB Price. $799 USD for 11” at 128GB The iPad Pro is the amalgamation of all Apple’s latest technology, and is the most powerful of all the iPad models. In addition to operating on Apple’s most powerful chip yet, the A12Z Bionic, it also delivers a superior sound system, liquid retina display, and an upgraded camera that includes Apple’s new LiDAR scanner (you can think of it like a 3D-depth detecting camera, primed for AR technology). However, the real game changer when considering the iPad Pro for school is the Magic Keyboard, as it is the last piece of the puzzle that truly transforms your iPad into something as functional as your laptop. Besides having the long-coveted trackpad, the Magic Keyboard is sturdy, and while it snaps to the iPad Pro via magnets, it won’t become easily dislodged or knocked over. If you’re looking for an iPad model to replace your laptop, the iPad Pro is definitely up to the task. The iPad Pro is also the only iPad model that supports the second generation Apple Pencil, which also attaches magnetically, and charges automatically. If you’re someone who is constantly taking notes with your Apple Pencil (or plan to be), the improvements that come with the 2nd Apple Pencil — such as its double tap gestures, more comfortable grip, and the fact that it’s pretty much always charged — could make a big difference. (From recent rumours about the iPad Air 4, most notably for students, some people are speculating that it’ll have support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil the Magic Keyboard as well.) While the line up of technology that makes up the iPad Pro is impressive, if you’re looking for an iPad to support your studies and still have another primary laptop or desktop you plan to keep as your main work machine, the iPad Pro’s enhanced technology may be more than you need. You should choose the iPad Pro for college if. You’re planning to use it as your primary device and need a powerful tool that can keep up with everything you might want to do with a laptop. You’re a true Apple fanatic. The iPad Pro incorporates all of Apple’s most impressive technology together into one sleek package. iPad Mini (5th gen from 2019) Screen Size. 7.9” Storage. 64GB, 256GB Price. $399 USD for 64GB The iPad Mini might be small in size, but it uses the same chip as the 3rd generation iPad Air, and is a powerful device in its own right. We’ve learned from our user interviews that this model is especially popular with medical students, who happen to be on their feet and need to take notes on the go, especially when working in wards. While the iPad Mini should be more than up to the task of more memory intensive activities, like working in spreadsheets or designing presentations for example, the smaller screen size might not be the ideal experience. You should choose the iPad Mini for college if. You’re looking for a more portable study companion, and are still going to be using a laptop or desktop computer as your main work machine. So which iPad is the best for students? Overall, we think the iPad Air at 64GB is a solid choice for college. It’s more affordable than the iPad Pro, yet offers comparable performance for all your studying, research, and note-taking needs. Plus, it can support some more intensive tasks too with ease, such as working in large spreadsheets or even video editing, so you don’t necessarily have to have a laptop with you to get most of your work done. In terms of storage size, we asked 3000 of our student followers on Instagram, and 60% of respondents said t don’t need more than 64GB on their iPad. If you need more than 64GB but don’t need any fancy features, we’re confident the original iPad at 128GB should be plenty sufficient. Looking for a note-taking app to use with your iPad and Apple Pencil? Any iPad that supports the Apple Pencil (1st or 2nd Generation) is perfectly compatible with GoodNotes! GoodNotes transforms your iPad into digital paper, allowing you to. Take handwritten notes and search them afterward Annotate your PDF or PowerPoint lecture slides and readings Easily organize your notes into notebooks, folders, and keep everything synced across your iPad, Mac, and iPhone

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