My Android App Links a Websites downloadable Content And Shows It?

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My Android app links a website's downloadable content (PDF file) and shows it within the app. Is it any type of copyright violation? The content is freely downloadable from the site. If anyone can give some insight it will be helpful?

This should be discussed with the app maker before you purchase the app. It may be the app maker is retaining the copyright and selling it to multiple others. If t are selling the app to you outright, you might be the copyright claimant, but you will never be the author of it. Since this sounds like it was not a Work for Hire, the only way you could claim copyright ownership would be to get the author to sign an assignment of copyright. And that is if the app even has copyright! To have copyright, it must have copyrightable elements. Sounds like you need to speak with a lawyer directly about the situation. ALSO — names do not have copyright, but t might have trademark. Then you can register a trademark if you come up with a unique original name that does not conflict with anyone else’s trademark, if it meets all the other legal requirements of a trademark.

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Now, you also have to take into account how long your app has been in the marketplace. The App Store has had apps there almost since day one. And in the last ten years, the App Store has changed over many times. One example is the release date. So even if your app came out more than five years ago and has not been updated since, it may be in the marketplace and registered. ‣ How about the App Store in Europe? — ‣ Yes, your name is copyrighted in the EU if it was made before 12/31/2023, including any app for any mobile device. To claim copyright in your name, it would be necessary to submit a claim, and the App Store has not rejected one yet. So in Europe, you are a work for hire. But, it does not automatically mean that you can sue. The rights, the.