How Do I Open PDF Files on My Android Phone That Were downloaded from?

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How do I open PDF files on my Android phone that were downloaded from my Google Drive? It says there is no app to open that file type. The file link is "" and I'm using a Samsung Galaxy.

Open the file in your text editor of choice (Notepad, Notepad++, etc) Look at the first several characters of the file. A lot of common file types have a signature at the beginning to let you know what t are. MZ - .exe or possibly .dll GIF - .gif %PDF - pdf ‰PNG - png PK - zip file - although some other formats like to compress their files using it. Open Document files for instance. Can tell by looking further down the first few lines. JFIF - jpg - is a few characters in from the front. Characters FF D8 FF E0 are the first few in jpgs Text based files will show up as expected. If you can’t figure it out from that, grab the first few characters and Google them.

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A good way to test this is to rename the file to test and do a search for the original name. It helps. If you’re using the new Mac version (2.2.1) of 7zip (or your earlier version of it) you won't have to go through the manual process of getting the signature because they’ve fixed a bunch of this old code. See this page for details, the only file that should not have a signature is the .mp3, that has one in the file name. Some newer Mac's may fail and say no signature and that means either you are using the new version of 7zip or you need to update/use an older version of 7zip. After a while you’ll get a .TGA file and use this only as a backup. See for 7zip, use this one. The newer Mac versions may or may not be supported. 7-Zip Mac Version.