How Do I Know If a Word File Is Typed Handly from a PDF Or Is?

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How do I know if a Word file is typed handly from a PDF or is converted using an online converter?

Online .jpeg converter as opposed to what? Originally created in MS Word? If the converter includes the scan as a background element, that is a pretty good clue that it was converted from a scan. If that is omitted, then there might not be any certain way to tell. Odd “typos” that result from errors in the optical character recognition would be a good clue, if t are present. These OCR errors often yield errors completely unlike what a person typing might do. But a lack of such typos does not prove that OCR of an image did not happen. I have a similar kind of problem with forged documents pretty often. If the forger screwed up, I can find clues that the document is a forgery. But I can’t prove a negative, that the document is not a forgery; I can only say that I don’t see any evidence of forgery. (In general, you can’t prove a negative.)

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So, I am trying to say, what if the document is from, say, a genuine source, but was written by someone who is not competent enough to know what an OCR error look like? How do we know, for example, that the original text does not have this kind of OCR errors? I have encountered many cases of forged documents, and almost no cases of any original documents that weren't fakes. And it seems that the people who fake documents usually can't have forgery-detecting computers in their office. I have had a good run, in trying to prove the authenticity of documents. (I am a fairly accomplished cryptographer in my own right. It takes a lot of hard work to find the truth and put your reputation on the line.) I never have managed to prove that any document was forgery, and often I have shown that an authentic document is a.

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