How Can I Search My Usb for Files Containing a Specific Keyword?

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How can I search my USB for files containing a specific keyword?

Mount the USB drive on a Mac. Let Spotlight do its indexing thing, and then type the sought word in Spotlight’s search window. Every document on the device that contains that word (including PDFs) will show up in a list. Note that if you have been using a Mac all along, that indexing might already be done automatically. The ability to instantly locate every document on the machine containing a specific word is one of the underappreciated features of MacOS, IMO. Of course, there are many other search criteria that Spotlight can use, and t can be combined to, say, find all PDF documents created over one year ago, last opened a month ago, and containing the word “frazzbiggle”.

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Type on PDF: All You Need to Know

Once you enter a word, Spotlight will automatically try to find some document containing that word that it is searching for. You might be tempted to do the same, but note that Spotlight is just like an ordinary file system search (using Apple's Core Spotlight API), so you can't simply browse all documents without any type of document that contains that specific term. Here's what the Spotlight window looks like. Click the Search drop-down next to the word you want to search for. Search by Word. Search Results (Click to Zoom & Zoom In) If Spotlight doesn't find a document containing “frazzbiggity”, it will give you an alternate word-related search, which will allow you to narrow down the potential document results even further. Simply type the alternate word in Spotlight and click the Search drop-down menu on the first page of results. Or, if you're just feeling lazy, simply copy the.