Does Anybody Use Latex to Take Notes?

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Does anybody use LaTeX to take notes, especially during class? If not, what do you use, especially when you need to write down equations?

I use my iPad and Apple pencil. I love that it allows me to handwrite my notes, yet also has the benefit of automatically backing them up to my Google Drive. It also so makes it super easy to erase things, copy and past, and move things around the page without needing to erase and rewrite. It also has all my notes for all my subjects neatly organized in folders and subfolders all in one spot. I can have all my notes, for all my subjects (my classes, self-study topics, and things I've written down to reference when working with math students) with me at once without making my bag any heavier. The other thing I love about it is that, if I need to draw a diagram (very useful for my differential equations and physics classes) it will make my lines perfectly straight and my circles perfectly round, and line up the hights of parrallel lines if I want it to. And I can label things in lots of different colors (useful if I want to mark specific things to reference later but t're different topics) without needing to buy a bunch of highlighters that I'll probably just lose. Note that I already had an iPad and I wouldn't recommend buying one just for notetaking unless you have a lot money lying around. The Apple pencil is also pretty expensive — it cost me $99 plus tax. It was worth it for me, personally, because I was already spending a lot of money on stationary supplies, trying to figure out the best way to organize my notes without losing them. Plus I was sick of my bag getting so heavy just from paper (it's amazing just how much paper you can go through in a college math class) and I didn't like having to dispose of my notes because t were taking up too much room and getting too heavy. Don't take this as an add for Apple. What I have works well for me, but it's not going to work for everyone, nor is it necessarily worth the money.

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I did buy a 200 copy of Apple Pencil at my local store at a trade-in for some more notebooks and more pens. So basically I'm only spending a bit more for the pen than I'm paying to get it, but once I figured out my personal workflow I'm going to be making much more money back on the pencil. So, I'd say go for it if you aren't sure, but don't go completely on high of being ready and willing to spend a lot of money. Also, go to your local Apple Store and see what pens are available. They have pretty much every model imaginable for the iPad and you can see which one is the best for your taste. There are even third party sellers who sometimes sell those pens for more than the Apple Store prices. They are, of course, very expensive. Here's a couple.