Can You Send Me The Link Of That PDF Which Would Help Me In?

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Can you send me the link of that PDF which would help me in clarifying all type of doubts by myself on the topic simple, compound and complex sentences with its transformation so that I won't get puzzled?

There are several differences among simple, compound, and complex sentences. Simple sentence. Finite verbs. 1. Main feature. It doesn't have any clause structure. Example. In spite of being ill, he attended the class. Compound sentence. Finite verbs. at least 2. Main feature. This sentence must have a coordinating conjunction or a coordinator that connects two independent sentences of equal rank or importance. For instance, He was ill but he attended the class. Here, He was ill and he attended the class are of equal importance. Hence, but acts as the coordinator and this is a compound sentence. Complex sentence. Finite verbs. at least 2. Clauses. At least 1 independent and at least 1 dependent clause. Main feature. A subordinating conjunction begins the dependent clause. A dependent/subordinate clause cannot make complete sense on its own. It depends on the independent/main/principal clause in this sentence. For instance, The teacher punished the student because he was disobedient. Here, The teacher punished the student is independent clause while because he was disobedient is subordinate clause. Hence, the former is more important than the latter. This is the main difference between compound and complex sentence. Thank you for your query — What is the difference between simple, complex and compound sentences? Good luck!

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V.N. 1. The simple sentence contains the subject of the sentence and all subordinate clauses that make up the subordinate clause itself. 2. The simple sentence is like a question and the compound sentence forms of it use the word iklutuksen. The word iklutuksen is used as a subject pronoun. 3. The simple sentence contains an object of the sentence. 4. The simple sentence lacks modifiers. 5. The sentence construction does not involve coordinating conjunctions but the conjugation system does. 6. The sentence construction may omit the word iklutuksen or the word iklutuksen may be joined with an infinitive verb. 7. The verb “to be.” is always the first-person singular form because the English word “have” has lost any sense of the “be” in this word. 8. There are two independent clauses connected to each other in a complex sentence. 9. Any one of the independent clauses may.

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