Can I Find a German Dictionary in the Form of a List Containing All?

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Can I find a German dictionary in the form of a list containing all the words, online or PDF? I'm not interested in the search engine type of dictionary. is the legally sanctioned reference for the current standard language in Germany. Its only recent competition, the Wahrig, stopped publishing a few years ago. However, Duden is not like the OED. The OED richly and clearly documents the history of virtually all words in written use through the entire modern English period (roughly from 1500 onwards), and includes etymological information, meanings, citations, and usage information for any word in the dictionary for its earliest found use from Old English onwards. Duden however, other than a short and generally uninformative “Herkunft” entry, has virtually no historical information, and words that have fallen out of use in recent decades may not be present at all. If you are reading anything from the 19th century or earlier, you are going to have to use the DWDS (which is not as user-friendly as the OED) alongside the Duden. The question was about monolingual dictionaries but answers have also mentioned bilingual dictionaries. For translation, Linguee | Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch (und weitere Sprachen) is useful but pay heed to whether the German sample is likely written by a native speaker or not; it may be an inept translation by a foreign language speaker. | Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch and http.// are also useful, and contain user-contributed definitions that are vetted by the community. Finally, among online bilingual dictionaries, I would say is one of the better ones.

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