Six Basic Types of Forms in Ms Access

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Instructions and Help about Six basic types of forms in ms access

Now that we've looked at access tables extensively it's time to move on to the next type of object forms forms show you all the data in your tables and they have two advantages first they allow you to look at just one record at a time instead of everything all at once and second they make it easy to enter data into your table the first type of form we're going to create is a data entry form for our sales reps click once on the sales rep table then click on the create tab here are the different form options and we're going to click on the form button instantly we have a data entry form access automatically made a sub table of the sales reps customers since we have a relationship between the sales reps table and the customers table as I navigate from one sales rep to another the customers update down below click on this data sheet button right here so we can use the table click on this button to go back to the first record and any changes I make to the data here in the form will be changed in the table as well let me add an o2 Phoenix City and any changes I make to the data will be changed in the table as well I can create a new sales rep by clicking on this button right down here I'm going to go back again to the first record and I can add a customer to a sales rep anytime by simply clicking in the blank line at the bottom of the subform now close the form and access will ask if I want to save it say yes and change the name to sales reps and customers form...

Six Basic Types of Forms in Ms Access: What You Should Know

A “edit form is one that allows the user to change the data set associated with an item in the table. A “view form is one that allows the user to look at one row of data in the table. Forms are frequently used in database applications to perform a variety of actions on data. For example, the following forms are all bound to data of a record in a table: View form Create form Cancel form List form Calculate Form. Create Form Microsoft Access has two types of bound forms: Single item forms are created when you assign a single record to a field or property (note that the field or property will need the name field). A double item form is created when you assign a double value to a field or property.  Multiple item forms are created by assigning multiple records to a field and assigning the data set to a property.   List Form Example of a List Form The following example shows a list form that contains 3 records. Field Description Name The name of the record you want to list. This is the name that you used to access the record. When this field is empty, you access the record as Name. Address The address where the user's primary address is located. Telephone The telephone number for the record. You use this when displaying or editing the record in the form. The telephone field is required to include a number; it never appears if this field is empty. If you include an empty telephone field, you can edit the record or display it without entering a telephone number. In addition, the value of this field will never appear if any field in the form is empty: for example, Field1 and Field2 if the fields are empty.

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FAQ - Six basic types of forms in ms access

What are the basic types of forms in MS Access?
Types of forms Detail form: A blank Access form that displays information about one record at a time. Split form: Simultaneously displays the data in the Form view and Datasheet view. Useful when you need to view large amounts of data but only need to change one record at a time.
What are the 6 database objects?
Learn the role that each object plays. Tables. Access organizes your information into tables: lists of rows and columns reminiscent of an accountant's pad or a spreadsheet. ... Queries. ... Forms. ... Reports. ... Macros. ... Modules.
How many types of forms are there in database?
Databases typically have one of two basic forms: single-file or flat file database. multi-file relational or structured database.
What are the 11 data type in MS Access?
MS Access provides several data types we will discuss Short Text, Long Text, Number, Large Number, Date/Time, Currency, AutoNumber, Yes/No, Calculated, and Lookup Wizard. If you specify that a field has the Short Text data type, then Access will permit any characters to be placed in that field in a row of the table.