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Good afternoon everyone and thanks for stopping enjoying this today for calculating costs how to price it right looks like we've got a real good attendance today and a lot of sign up and I want to thank everybody out there first and foremost over the past couple days that have helped me get some data I know a lot of you guys are here right now and anxious to see what I've got to present and it was a real help for you to come come through like that and the final hour to seem like and give me the data that we needed to to make this spreadsheet a little bit better for you but today we're going to talk about calculating costs and how to figure out what it really costs you and then we're going to give you some tools to do it a little easier and we're going to also talk about how to price things you know that was that data that I got yesterday for a lot of people to help with that so first and foremost the first slide that's going to come up here is I'm tying in a stop I want you guys to go to the web address that's listed there it's at HTTP colon forward slash forward slash tinyurl one and that will go to a Google Documents page and you quick little four question survey it's just to give us some information so I can add you to a email list promise I won't spam you with it the list is so that I can send out updates when we have updates to the calculator that I'm going to give to everybody I've already got a couple areas on there that I'm working on for updates I've been working on this thing for the past week straight it seems like and I anticipate by the end of this week or beginning in next week we'll have a couple more items in there including some links to videos to help walk you through the calculator so I'll give a couple more seconds here we've had a few more people join just recently but if you guys can grab that link there and download the calculator just fill out the former Oh quick we'll go on to Jodi why don't we do these survey questions and that will give people a chance to also download the file okay six first one here do you use digital heat transfer media's real simple one yes or no digital heat transfer medias we're talking about something that you would print or print cut they could also include a catchy still have some people voting we'll just wait just a couple more seconds sure absolutely I was taking a quick drink of water there myself yep so I'll send him the link in just a couple minutes okay okay so we've got yes it's 95 percent I suspect a bunch of guys.

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What is a Typeform account?
Typeform lets you collect data in a conversational, human way. An account is free, and it's really easy to sign up! Here's how. Alternatively go to and click the Sign up button there: 2.
What is a Typeform used for?
Typeform Help Center. Typeform makes collecting and sharing information comfortable and conversational. It's a web based platform you can use to create anything from surveys to apps, without needing to write a single line of code. Online forms are boring \u2013 typeforms fix that.
Can you use Typeform offline?
There's no offline mode\u201d with Typeform. If someone starts completing a typeform but loses their internet connection, they can click the Submit button, but a message will appear saying results cannot be submitted, and to not close the page.
Is Typeform free?
Get unlimited forms and fields on every plan\u2014from free and above. Free users can also enjoy having up to 500 entries a month, versus only 100 entries on Typeform. All in all, Cognito Forms provides more great features for less than any other form builder out there.
How do I remove pro features from Typeform?
Go to the Create panel and click on the Settings button in the bottom left-hand corner. Toggle the Typeform branding switch on and off. The 'Powered by Typeform' button will appear or disappear in the preview depending on whether you've turned it on or off.
What is Typeform data?
Number of employees. 200. Website. Typeform is a Barcelona-based online software as a service (SaaS) company that specializes in online form building and online surveys.
Is Typeform GDPR compliant?
Typeform is ready for GDPR. GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. Not the catchiest of phrases, but its intentions are 100% good: Privacy.
How do I delete my Typeform account?
Click this and we'll email you all the data we hold in your account. Danger Zone! If you want to delete your account, it's as simple as clicking the Delete my account link.
How do I delete a Typeform?
Add/remove or move question fields Remove the data collected under the Results Responses section \u2013 select all the answers then click the Delete button at the bottom. Now you can make changes to the typeform's questions and structure. Remember to open your typeform again once you've applied the necessary changes!
How do I change my URL Typeform?
Click Edit URL, which will open a new menu, where you can do just that: Warning! Do not edit your URL and put a period in it, eg, or