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Video instructions - Google Forms Event Registration

Instructions and Help about Google forms event registration

In this video we're going to see how you can create a sign-up sheet for your students this could be for a volunteer activity or really for anything that you would like your students to sign up for I have a few items that I would like to include in my signup sheet including full name cell phone number and the rest of these items over here the way that you can create a sign-up sheet is you need to have a Google account which I already have so I'm going to go to Google and what you want to do on this page is click on the apps link select drive and this is going to take you to your Google Drive page hopefully you already have one if you do not have a Google Drive page you will need to sign up for one it is absolutely free once you're logged in to your Google Drive you want to select new scroll down to more and then to Google Forms click on it this is going to go ahead and open up the area where you can start creating your form the first thing that I'm going to do is create or change the theme for the forum because this kind of looks a bit bland so I'm going to click on change theme you're going to be presented with several theme options on the right menu panel I'm going to select the homework as my option and I'm going to start working on this particular signup sheet I'm going to create a signup sheet for a volunteer event once you've selected a theme click on edit questions I'm going to give my form a description when you're creating your questions you are able to create questions that...

Google Forms Event Registration: What You Should Know

Using Google Forms for Event Registration Forms, Event Calendar, Event Schedule, Event Listing, Event History and Events. This guide teaches you how to use Google Calendar and google forms for your event registration. How to use Google Forms for Event Registration, Google Page builder, Google Custom Search and Google Event. Organizing Your Event Organizing your event using Google forms is a good strategy as, your students can participate in Google events without creating an account. This provides flexibility as, you can organize an event without registration before students arrive but, after they arrive you can create their event. For event organizers interested in getting more student engagement, this strategy does not help your event grow as it is already full. Event organizers who are trying to find ways to organize their event using google forms can either: Use event registration forms in the Google calendar section of Gmail, create their event in the event schedule then send students an e-mail with a form they can fill out. Create a Google Forms in a Google Web App that students can fill their form, send students an e-mail and organize their event in Google calendar. Google Forms For Event Sign up Signing up for Google forms is quite simple and the main benefit is your event's participation numbers. Creating your event in a Google form and then sending students an e-mail has been described here. The information will be useful for students who are trying this first time. Google Drive For event Sign up Google Forms allows you to upload a list of attendees, or you could post an event. Students who have a Gmail account can fill the form in. It can be used with their existing Google account, or with a new one. If they already have a Google account with Gmail you can add them to your event, otherwise you must add them by hand to the event or the event can be cancelled Registering Students For a Course or Events? If you have a course or a classroom event organized, you can register students. A course registration form can be created using the following process: Use Google forms to create a student registration form. Set up registration form on the day you organize your session, make sure your event has information about registration and pay for your registration to begin. Registering To have a course with registration requires your course teacher to submit a registration form. You can use Google forms to create forms for a course.

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FAQ - Google forms event registration

Can you use Forms for event registration?
Navigate to your Forms. You can start your form with a premade template or choose a blank form to start from scratch. To choose a template, click on the Template Gallery to open the full selection of templates that Forms offers. Find and click on the Event Registration template.
How do I create an event registration form in Forms?
To create forms for registration you must first visit the Forms site, or go through the G-Drive > Forms and select the event registration form template. It will open up a form with pre-made questions and a header image that you can modify easily.
How do I create a signup sheet in Forms?
0:47 7:49 How To Create A Student Sign-Up Sheet on Docs - YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip Questions. I'm going to give my form a description.MoreQuestions. I'm going to give my form a description.
How do I create a signup sheet in Forms with time slots?
0:51 5:55 Create a Signup with Time Slots Using Choice Eliminator 2 and ... YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip So i've actually discovered choice eliminator 2 and that seems to be a really good solution for whatMoreSo i've actually discovered choice eliminator 2 and that seems to be a really good solution for what i'm about to show you. So in order to get it you need to go up to the three little dots right up